1988 Bill Elliott Ford
Signature Edition Thunderbird

75,000 original miles!

This is my Bill Elliott car!
1988 FORD THUNDERBIRD, Bill Elliot Signature Edition,
one of 50 made, excelent cond, 70,000 miles, ac, pw, pdl, 5.0L Auto, garage kept,
770-307-7138 (Auburn, GA)

Repairs have been made and Bill is now back on the road again!
(pic taken 3/7/7)

What a beautiful car!

Me and Bill made a boo boo! I needed 15 feet to stop and only had 10.
I have a header panel, headlight and marker light... looking  for fender.

I have Bill reassembled and awaiting new paint. He
should be as good as new then. :-)

I bought some gold pin stripe off of eBay

It matched the old stripes perfectly! Notice the stripe on the door as
compared to the stripe on the fender :) I'm happy with it!

Click here for updated pictures of the repair of Bill


There is another one in Indiana and its owner has promised me some pictures, but none have showed up yet.... If you own, or have owned a Bill Elliott car, I'll gladly display photos if you email them to me at vstockma at Bellsouth.net

Welcome to my Bird nest! I found this bird stranded in a used car lot in Cumming, GA.

NEW 3/2/6

Walk around Bill VIDEO

The car is in spectacular condition! I will take MANY more pictures in the next few days to
populate this page. I do, however, need assistance on information on this car.
The only information I have so far is as follows.

Bill Elliott Ford was a Ford dealership in north Georgia that was NOT owned
by Bill Elliott. His name was "purchased" to use on the dealership because
of his popularity and success on the NASCAR track.
The dealer kept that name for about 5 years or so.

There were probably about 100 or so of these cars produced for only that
dealership! As I understand it, the car was customized at the dealership.
 If you wanted one, you had to get it in GA! The cars were
Base Thunderbirds with 5.0L AOD and Red in and out with a black spoiler. They had the white
ground affects as well as the number 9 painted on the car. A friend at church (Bobby
Christopher) says that he saw one with a 460 Big Block! I do not know if this
was a mod after purchase, or a variation of the car offered. They were NOT
Turbo Coupes! they were V8 Automatic cars.

If you have a brochure, info an a Thunderbird book, ANYTHING, please send me
the info you have to post here. My email address is
vstockma at bellsouth.net

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Check this out!
Bill has a new business venture!

Do you know your BILL ELLIOTT Trivia?


If you are interested in purchasing this car, email an offer and I will consider selling her.

For the SERIOUS collector, there is another one
in the area for sale with only 280 miles on it!!!!

This car belongs to Greg Purcell in Cumming, Ga.
1988 FORD THUNDERBIRD, Bill Elliot Signature Edition,
one of a kind, show room cond, 280 miles, ac, pw, pdl, p/top, garage kept,
$31,500, 770-781-8354 or 706-864-4877.(Cumming, GA)


Here is yet another Bill Elliott Thunderbird
It has 24,000 miles and lives in
Jacksonville, FL
Thanks Rusty Blake!

Below is a picture I got from Matt Tallent on 11/24/05. This picture helps
confirm that the wheels that are on my car are in fact original.
The car in the picture appears to have been used at Lanier
Raceway as a pace car.