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Victor Stockman
My station consists of

1)GS35B HF amp (1200W) 1) YU7EF 23 El 432
2) Icom IC-756Pro 2) YU7EF 14 El 222
3) Yaesu FT-847 3) YU7EF 12 EL 144
4) HomeBrew GI46B 2M amp  SOLD! 4) YU7EF 607EF 6M yagi
5) HomeBrew GS35B 6M amp (SOLD) 5) K4KIO Design, homebrew Hex Beam
6) Swan Cygnet 270B (Sold it)  
7) GS35B HF Amp II  

I am not in the AMP building business per se, I made these amps for my station.
But I will sell one to you if you are interested in one. I will also help you build your own.
I have some of the parts listed for sale, but I don't stock all of them all the time.
Contact me if you need parts or a complete amp and I'll gladly help you as best as I can.


Adding digital display to a Swan 250 Adding a digital display to a Siltronix 1011D Building a 7 element 6 meter yagi Build a 3 element 12/17 meter yagi
 GS35B HF Amplifier 6 meter KW amplifier Build a 5 element 10 meter yagi YU7EF OSCAR Antennas
222 MHZ YU7EF Yagi GI46B 6M Amos Nasty Junk Pile 6M Amp  

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My QRO on HF-6 via an Icom PW1
(Thanks Robert!)

I have a large collection of ham related material. Help yourself!


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