6 Meter VHF Amp
using the GS35B tube
and a separate
Power Supply

I put a new front cover on an old chassis I had and recycled it.
The Volt meter is actually the meter for my output power PCB.
The amp meter is 1 amp scale.

Back panel shows all adjustments.
Bias / Tuned input / RF Meter (Fwd or REV) / etc.


This is the tank. I added an RFC for DC Arcing protection after the photo was taken.


Here you can see the Ohmite Z50 and the HV wire coming the back.

I use a 12.6 VAC filament transformer and a 24VDC switching supply.
That feeds a 2 minute timer to allow time for the filament to heat up before the HV is switched on.
I use some small current relays for switching the HV and the T/R etc.


Danger, danger Will Robinson!

This is the Ameritron transformer used in their biggest amps.
You can also see the glitch resistor, filter caps and the meters.

I mounted the metering resistors on top of the filter caps.
The bleeder resistors are to the left.


These are 6 amp 1kv diodes.


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