My first attempt at a BIG HF amplifier.




Here is the finished amplifier. I used information from many places to get this guy together. It was a RPITA to get it finished. It took several months to do, mostly because I would get frustrated and put it away for weeks at a time.


This is the cabinet I used.


I sell them for $150 plus shipping (usually about $30)


Most parts from either eBay, UR4LL, or Ameritron.

That tube is a MONSTER! Transformer is from NOS, Heathkit SB1000 amp.

I cleaned it up some since I took this photo, but you get the idea....

Antenna relay

4,000 VDC 1 Amp doubler / capacitor bank (under the PTFE)




The RF output metering I did was copied from the Heathkit SB-1000 and reads PEP output to a DC volt meter on the front panel.


YU1AW amp design. SB-1000 power supply (voltage doubler)


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