My GS35B Homebrew HF Amp

With 100 watts drive I see 1400 on 80 meters and about 900 on 10 meters.

I no longer have to try more than 2-3 times to break a pileup to work a DX station :)

Power supply is 3600VDC 500MA


This was my first amp project and it took me 9 months to finish. Mostly because I was terrified of the high voltage.
I purchased a variac and a VOM that could read up to 6000 Volts and that helped me get this thing done.


This is the W6PO design bias board using a 35v zener.

I built my own tube socket.
I'll make you one for $35 shipped!


This is an 1800RPM 135CFPM Dayton blower. It's very quiet as far as blowers go.

I cut a 3 inch square hole in the bottom to allow air flow from the blower.


I get a roller inductor/turn counter set from W4IMD.

The turn counter is VERY nice.


I used a modified version of this schematic.
1) I used a roller inductor/turn counter
2) No tuned input
3)The grid meter was replaced with a RF Output meter.



Cabinets are $150 shipped
NEW old stock GS35B tubes $200 shipped
Plate transformer $250 shipped
GS35B Tube Socket $35 Shipped


Contact me about this amp.


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