Adding a Digital display to your Swam 250
Isn't so hard after all

Here is the finished project. Isn't she pretty? I made other mods to the rig adding S-meter
circuit and adjustable power output metering. After replacing a few of the tubes,
She worked very well.

When you build the kit from Neil at (DSD-1 Swan)
Put all components on the top of the board so you can mount the
board to the back of the radio. Then get 14 conductors from an old
floppy or IDE cable and solder the display to the control board.

I drilled a hole in the PCB and used a spacer, screw and nut to hold
the board to the back panel. I mounted the 9V supply on the chassis.
There is a 78L05 on the display board that will work with 9 to 18
volts or so, but when it has to drop that much voltage, it tends to get hot.
I had a bag full of 7812 1 amp regulators and a big bad of 1 amp
diodes, so I decided to go for overkill.


I got the bezel from SEETRON. Get the BEZ216 for the 1X16 or the 2X16 displays.
Remove the front panel from the radio, make a template for drilling the holes for the display
carefully drill the 4 holes so that the display is properly centered.
Use a sharpie to make the screws and the small area around the bezel black.
You don't have to drill through the bezel as it is designed to stick on.
I just didn't want it to ever fall off.

A view from above.

As you can see, there is not enough room behind the front panel for the display and the control pcb.


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