Homebrew 6 Meter GS35B
Amplifier using the YU1AW design


I decided to build a ssb amplifier for 50.125 ssb.

The transformer produced 4200VDC 500ma using a voltage doubler,
So it should be perfect for this amp.

I had to burn in the tube for several days with only filament voltage,
then I used a variac to set up the plate voltage over several hours
to make sure that the tube wouldn't complain.

I connected the wattmeter  and saw just under 1200 watts out with 80 or so watts drive!!!!




I use this amp daily and it is a workhorse. I drive it with 80 watts from my IC551D and I see 1200 PEP out.

As with all my stuff, I'd sell it for the right price. ($1100) and build me another one. :)

I added an antenna switch so I have 3 antenna out connections. Ant 1 in used with power off.




Cabinets are $150 shipped
NEW old stock GS35B tubes $200 shipped
Plate transformer $250 shipped
GS35B Tube Socket $35 Shipped

I don't always have these in stock, there may be some delay in sending them to you, depending on where they come from..

I used a modified version of this schematic.
1) I used a W4ZT bias board.
2) I used a different tuned input
( 2ea 16 turn 1/2" ID coils with a 50pf variable cap),
3) I used a 2200pf cap for Ca instead of the PCB, and
4) I have 4200VDC on the plate.

Contact me about this amp.


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