Homebrewed OSCAR
(Ham satellite antennas)


Pop comes through again with a great design for linear antennas for Amateur Satellite.

2 Meter antenna,


70cm antenna.


I had a bit of trouble making the split dipole work, so I switched over to the folded dipole. That has worked out good.

As you can see, I put the two antennas on the same boom. I was not sure if this would work because of the close proximity to each other, but so far so good. Please note that the elements are insulated from the boom. The only electrical connection I made to the boom was the aluminum angle I mounted the 2 F connectors and the SO-239 to. The SWR on 2 meters is absolutely PERFECT, but on 435, it is a little high, 1.5:1 (resonate 1.1:1 at 433), but not enough to be concerned about.

Here are a few shots of the redneck construction technique i used.

(Tractor Supply's Electric Fence insulators for wooden fence posts)

Then I trimmed them up...

these are CHEAP!

The 2 meter "folded dipole" isn't folded at all!


I just used 1/4" head 1" long self drilling screws and my cordless drill to mount the 70cm elements to the boom.



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