Homebrew 7 Element 6 Meter Yagi
YU7EF Design


My old Cushcraft 6 meter antenna was about 40 years old, so I decided to retire it. I wanted something
 I could build. I have made several YU7EF in the past and they work VERY well. I asked Pop to modify his design to
accommodate the 6 foot long aluminum I get from Cycle-24. This is what he sent me.



Below is a pic of the completed, installed antenna.



The boom needs to be 30 feet ling and the 2"X2" boom material I get form Metal Supermarkets is 26 feet long.
I had about 10 feet left over from my 12/17 meter antenna, so I decided to see it I could "swag" the antenna.



I took a 4"  square piece of flat 1/4" thick of aluminum and a hammer and got to work. You can see above how well it worked out.
(Hi Pete)

DX Engineering sells a block to mount your elements into that really worked out GREAT. They are $2.90 each.
You will need 8 of them for a 7 element antenna. (2 for the driven element) (see below)


I had some 3/8 OD resin rod that I got off of eBay, I think... that I used in the center to help hold the element level.
I also used that 4: square 1/4" think aluminum that I swaged the boom with here to mount the driven element to the boom.


I had been putting the coax inside the boom, but was lazy this time and just ran in underneath.


One last look on the ground.

CQ CQ CQ 6 meters from echo mike eight four.



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